Apple announced iOS 10 beta 1 and macOS Sierra (otherwise known as macOS 10.12) on Monday during WWDC 2016. Betas of both iOS 10 and macOS 10.12 are now available for developers through the developer portal.

There’s a lot to dig through, here. In fact, Apple highlighted 10 different changes for iOS 10 during its keynote, and all of them are pretty major. Siri is getting a huge upgrade, Maps is getting traffic and other features, News is getting subscriptions, there are actually widgets now and more. macOS Sierra, meanwhile, is adding Siri and plenty of other features that we discussed in the initial news post.

Want to give them a whirl? Just hit the source link below. You’ll need an Apple Developer account (it’s $99 a year) to get started. The final versions of both iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are expected this fall and will be free to users.