Apple just released the first beta of iOS 10.3. It’s the next upcoming major release that follows iOS 10.2, already available and pictured in the gallery above, which introduced new Messaging features, emoji, wallpapers and more.

iOS 10.3 beta 1 changes

According to MacRumors, one of the new features is called “Find my AirPods” and will help folks who own Apple’s popular wireless earbuds find them if lost. The update was rumored to include a new “Theater mode” inside of Control Center, presumably a quick-toggle button that puts the phone into a silent mode for movie-theater use, though we are still trying to confirm if that’s indeed included in the update. (See the update below – nope!) There’s probably a bit more, perhaps even some software tweaks that help improve iPhone 6s battery issues if users are lucky.

Developers should find the update now. We’re going to look for more changes and we’ll update this post as we find more.

Update: We’re back! Ars Technica got the lowdown on some of the features and it turns out theater mode is not included, even though it was rumored to make an appearance. There are other super-small changes like a tweak to the weather app that lets you see the forecast if you use 3D Touch (yawn), quicker access to recently used apps in CarPlay, new changes to SiriKit for telling Siri to do new things, like potentially pay your bills, and more.