With the introduction of iOS 11 looming, Apple on Tuesday released the first beta for iOS 10.3.3. The software doesn’t appear to introduce any major new features; it’s likely the release is focused on squashing bugs ahead of WWDC in early June.

Apple’s most recent big release came in iOS 10.3, which introduced features such as Find my AirPods. No release notes have been released for iOS 10.3.3 yet, but we’ll update this post when they’re available.

The beta for iOS 10.3.3 follows on the heels of iOS 10.3.2, which released to the public on Monday. That release was mainly focused on bug fixes and enhancements as well—Apple is likely ensuring all of its ducks are in a row so it can move on to the bigger debut of iOS 11.

It’s unclear what Apple has planned for iOS 11, though we do expect Siri to be a big focus of the show. Other than that, your guess is as good as ours.

Apple’s opening conference at WWDC kicks off on June 5.