As a blogger, there was a lot to absorb from today’s announcements from Google I/O, but as a Google TV user, this was one area I was particularly thrilled about. Among the goodies:

  • Google TV will get Android 3.1 this summer.
  • Android Market will also be available for Google TV.
  • Launch of Android Market movie rentals (not to mention the previous expansion of YouTube movie availability).
  • New hardware: First to partner up with Google TV were Sony, Logitech and DISH Network. Now Samsung and Vizio have come into the fold, meaning big companies will be putting their development and marketing dollars into this space.

Though I’ve had my Logitech Revue with Google since January, I’ve probably played with it only a handful of times. Frankly, there’s just not a lot of content available. All that’s clearly about to change. (And if Google TV will benefit from the Open API, or accessories programming interface, then there could be some very interesting new gear to go with it. Or perhaps increased compatibility with things like external hard drives. Fingers crossed.)

Android 3.1, which is rolling out for the Xoom today, will also allow devs to make applications that work on tablets and Google TVs, all from one SDK. That is a great thing. More applications, more content and more hardware — it looks like a fullscale Google TV assault. And those of us on the front lines can’t wait.