The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s next console. It made its debut last week with a single YouTube video. Now, YouTube videos aren’t the metric to live and die by, but the results here have been impressive.

The Nintendo Switch’s debut video as raked in more than 18 million views, 480k likes and 21k dislikes. It’s been received well by gamers on the whole.

Investors? Not so much.

The Wall Street Journal reports that investors are frustrated by the Nintendo Switch.

To the annoyance of investors, Nintendo remains focused on consoles—and in a bad way. It revealed its new Switch console last week, which investors hated. The stock has fallen nearly 10% since the announcement.

Investors should exercise patience.

I’m not into stocks. I’m not one to impart advice and wisdom onto those who are into stocks. I think investors, though, are jumping the gun on Nintendo with the Switch.

For investors, anything that’s not mobile gaming related is a bad move by Nintendo. In fact, I imagine investors would explode with joy if Nintendo announced the decision to go entirely app-based games.

I don’t think that’s the smart play in the long run for the life of Nintendo. It could make the company money now, sure, but 10 years from now? Nintendo should continue developing its own hardware.

As for the Nintendo Switch? Public reception has been positive so far, but we need to see exactly how the device works before we rule it a success or failure.