There's a good chance you may not have even ever heard of Inversion. I know I hadn't when I showed up to my appointment with Namco at E3 this past June. This relatively unknown, third-person shooter is being developed with a completely unique spin on mechanics; gravity is all sorts of bonkers.

Basically, players control some measures of gravity as they'll be able to grab and pool loose objects, liquid, gas or enemies and create havoc by tossing, slamming or hurling them. The diversity in what can be lifted up and controlled is part of the fun, and, unfortunately, not a main focal point in the trailer above. During my time with the game, I actually grabbed balls of lava.


Beyond that, gravity also plays a key role in the way the environment is both perceived and affected. Sometimes you'll be running upside down, along walls or on normal ground as the gravity in the game tends to, wait for it, invert.

Inversion is being developed by Saber Interactive. This is the same studio that worked on TimeShift back in 2007 and the upcoming edition of Halo Anniversary.

The European trailer indicates that Inversion will launch on 10/2/12; for those American readers among us, know that 10/2/12 in Europe is read as "February 10th, 2012." The game will launch in the States for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on February 7th, 2012.