Rating - Mobile - 8.0 - Editor's Choice

Our Promise to you…

As Joey Davidson said in his gaming review system post,we promise that we’re going to commit as much time as possible to each device before we bring you a review. That means, for example, if we receive a unit the night before we’re allowed to post a review, we may only post a hands-on and unboxing first. Why? Because we haven’t spent enough time with the phone or tablet to really bring you our true thoughts on it. But be sure, we’ll always bring you the review as soon as we feel we’ve had it long enough to know the true pros and cons of the product. Unlike games, we’re typically loaned new phones and tablets for several weeks in order to test them. If we want an international version before it hits the U.S., sometimes we’ll purchase the device outright in order to bring you the review as soon as possible.

Review Scores

In order to keep everything consistent across the site, the mobile department will also offer a 10 point review scale in .5 increments. That means that a 5.0 product is average and anything above it is above average. A 5.5 should be considered a perfectly respectable average score. This isn’t grade school where a 50% is a failing score.

We hold devices to a higher standard and so the highest scores (10) will be reserved for phones and tablets that are truly flawless and perfect in all ways. A device that receives a score of 8 or above will be considered for an Editor’s Choice award.

During the review process we’ll consider everything from a phone or tablet’s hardware to the revolutionary aspects of the phone. If a device, say, is has perfect hardware but is running older software and doesn’t offer anything new to the market, then it’s not going to receive a perfect score. We also reserve the right to update a review and a device’s rating in the future, should updates or other reasons cause it to

Assessing Value

We’ll always provide the answer to the question our readers want to know at the end of every review: should you buy the phone/tablet or not? This can be a tough question to answer, especially given the rapid speed at which mobile technology moves and the sheer number of handsets that hit the market. It’s almost always possible for us to tell you to wait for the “next big thing.” We’ll also, as often as possible, assess value on the price of a phone: $99 phone will be reviewed as such and a $299 will be reviewed taking into consideration that a consumer will spend an additional $200 to buy that device.