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Great news, everyone! No, no, it doesn't involve our beloved Jon talking about your favorite gadgets in Spanish, or else he'd be all:

"¿Qué tal todos? Jon Rettinger de TechnoBuffalo aquí con el nuevo _______ …"

Even though it might be cool to hear Jon talking in Spanish, he decided to give the lead to Nicolás Fischman and his team.

Introducing TechnoBuffalo ES

Indeed, there is now a TechnoBuffalo website… in Spanish! Nicolás and his South American team of writers will be covering events, product launches, tutorials and reviews completely en Español, focusing on Latin-American news.

So who is this new guy and what does he plan to do? Why isn't Jon Q here, we want Jon Q!

Let's give the mic to Nicolás so he can tell you about himself. After all, he has been speaking in 3rd person this whole time:

How's it going, guys? I'm, naturally, a meticulously obsessive tech fanatic. I love mobile gadgets, be it smartphones, tablets ornotebooks. However, not all is mobile in my life, I'm also quite fascinated with HiFi audio, cameras, video, image editing and movies (seriously, I rebuilt my whole room just so I could set it up as a mini-theater).

Every member of the TechnoBuffal Spanish team is very proud to be part of the TB herd, we've been talking with the heads of TB for about a year now and our website has been live since December 16th (my birthday, thank you).

Why are we telling you all about us now? We just wanted to get comfortable and set up everything properly before we'd show it to you.

We go by the same principles the English-speaking hosts do, so I'll try to keep this short with a list:

We commit to:

  • Always offering our best and constantly improving.
  • Listening to what our audience has to say. What they like and don't like.
  • Reporting on tech news as soon as we can, with the highest possible standards.
  • Being neutral in what we write and say, no bias toward any company, product or person.
  • Reviewing products with utmost detail.
  • Making a lot of bad jokes, even worse than Jon's.
  • Creating a fun, friendly environment for our users to discuss what we're reporting on with full disclosure.

We will never (gonna give you up, never gonna let you…):

  • Accept money to give a positive (or negative) review.
  • Rush a review or an article "just to be the first ones to show it". We'd rather take our time and give you a proper service, even if it might take a little more than other websites.
  • Forget about our growing audience, and for that reason we will commit to giving back to our users in any way we can (giveaways, anyone?).

In case you're wondering, our team currently consists of five tech enthusiasts (myself included). To embrace TechnoBuffalo's credo, we want each of our writers to showcase their own personalities, so let me introduce to you: Franco G.R., Lorenzo Ludueña, Tomás Pichierri and Yamandú Vallejo.

What? I haven't given you the link to our site? Silly me, here you go:

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We hope to see you around soon!