Stampede ReviewsWe're always looking to expand our horizons at TechnoBuffalo, to achieve a greater understanding of tech and tech culture as a whole. Our palettes have been whetted by some of the coolest and most innovative gadgets over the past few years — phones, tablets, laptops — but still our inner-geeks have yet to be satiated. It's important for us to grow and venture out of our comfort zone.

We've hit you with feature rich video and written reviews, but repeatedly doing the same thing can sometimes leave even the most fervent of tech enthusiasts feeling dull. The technology landscape is an enormous forest of unexplored territory, that's why from today on we'll be donning our best imitation Indiana Jones hats to experience what's beyond the horizon.

Introducing Stampede Reviews.

In a nutshell, a Stampede Review will be the Spark Notes of what would normally be a more in depth write up. That's not to say we'll be cutting any corners. We still plan on putting these products through their paces, just as we would if we were reviewing something like the next Galaxy Nexus.

We plan on covering a wide range of gadgets that interest us (and you!); stuff that we believe demands your attention, whether it's because of an innovative feature, functionality or beautiful design. We'll keep our Stampede Reviews short and succinct so they're easily digestible, but informative.

Ultimately, we want to know if the technology we're covering deserves to travel with the Herd. If it does, we'll tell you why. If not, we'll say so. It's an opportunity for all involved to explore the less traveled territories of the tech space, while still bringing you our daily news and feature reviews coverage.

We hope you'll join us on our journey.