Sage LaneIntroductions are never easy, so I’ll try my best to make this painless.

My name is Sage, and I love little bits of everything. I grew up stomping around barefoot in my backyard, launching model rockets, reading books about dinosaurs, the outdoors and jets.

After college, I grew disillusioned with my degree in microbiology and developed a case of wanderlust. Almost miraculously, I awoke one day to find that I had become an English teacher in Seoul, Korea.

I can trace my love of technology back to my family’s first computer. It didn’t run Windows, and wasn’t much more than a small tan box of white text, but I can remember spending hours of time calculating just the right trajectory for my Gorilla’s banana. I later progressed to Age of Empires, and to the angst of my parents, playing day-long deathmatches by way of our dial-up modem. I tried my hand at coding, once when I was very young and too stupid, and again when I was in high school, but was too impatient. Although other interests came in and took priority, only to leave once something else had caught my capricious eye, I always maintained an interest in the field of technology. In Korea and surrounded by gadgets I had never held nor even seen before, my love was once again kindled. I dove headfirst into the web, learning everything I could about gadgets, tech and trends. I must have watched a million jon4lakers unboxings. I found out what intrigued me, and I pursued it.

What really interests me is the bigger picture; the interplay between the consumer and the evolution of technology. Something you will soon notice about me from reading my forthcoming column is that I’m quite opinionated, but although the column will be about my own personal view on consumer technology, my greatest hope is that the weekly installments will engender discussion and new ideas from you, the TechnoBuffalo community.

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