With great pleasure, and a ladle full of #awesomesauce, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Noah Kravitz and I'm the new Editor-at-Large for TechnoBuffalo.com. That's my job, my full-time gig, my home on the Internet and beyond, starting right now. Videos, written posts, connecting with you via social media, livecasts and liveblogging and all kinds of who-knows-what? I'll be doing it here on TechnoBuffalo, and nowhere else. Woo-hoo!

Jon R. and his gang of merry men have offered me the chance to come hang out here – and on the YouTube channel and Facebook page and Twitter account and uStream channel and everywhere else – and talk about TechnoEverything with you all. And really, how could I say no?

I've been a gadget nerd for as long as I can remember, setting the family VCR, forgetting to take off my calculator watch before going swimming and begging my parents for quarters to burn at the local arcade back in the 80s. Three months ago I knew it was time to leave my last job, but really wasn't sure what I wanted to do next. I had some ideas – ideas that I'll get to work on here at TechnoBuffalo, even! – but didn't quite know how to turn them into an honest living.

So, I did what I apparently do best. I started talking. Talking a lot. Talking to everyone I could think of.

Jon and I spoke quite a bit over the past few months, and we realized how much we have in common despite his insistence on living in Southern California and rooting for the Lakers (just wait 'til Steph Curry gets healthy, Warriors fans!) . We both love tech. We both can't stop making videos about tech. And we're both really, really interested in what you all have to say about the tech you use and the gadgets you go gaga for.

And so here I am, 100% Buffalo, 100% of the time. I've got a lot planned for the new year, too:

– First, I'll be at CES. But I'll be blogging for NVIDIA, a gig I agreed to before Jon decided to offer me a home here on the range (buffalo reference … "give me a home / where the buffalo roam" … the song? … get it?). But I'll be keeping an eye out for massive 3D TVs, electric cars, and bizarro iPod cases to report on in my CES roundup for TechnoBuffalo.

– Then, I'll be digging in. I've got an unboxing video ready to go along with a review I'll be working on at CES. Can you guess what it is? Hint: It's light as air and a blogger's best friend. Hopefully.

– I'm planning a series of posts and videos about the future of "TV": Cable, satellite, over the air, Netflix, Hulu, Web video … So many things to watch, and so many ways (home, mobile, placeshifting … live, DVR, on demand) to watch it. I'm gonna try to make a little sense of it all, and find out what you want from the TV of the future.

– I've also got a few ideas that might seem a bit out of left field, but I think will be fun. How does "TechnoGourmando: Buffalos Gotta Eat, Too!" grab you? We might need a better name, but since I'm obsessed with everything from fancy espresso machines to food carts that tweet their locations each day, I figure some of you might be into food, too.

– And livecasting, videocasting, and maybe even a weekly talk show? Yeah, sounds good.

There's plenty more where that came from. And yes, eventually I suppose I'll wind up talking about a phone or two 😉 But for now let's just say that I'm thrilled to be here. Mainly because of you all and Jon and everyone else involved with TechnoBuffalo. I mean, the gadgets are fun, too … but it's getting to slice and dice it all up with you guys and gals – even when you disagree with me! – that makes this job so great.

So here's to a Happy New Year for everyone! TechnoBuffalo gets a new look, I get a new home here, and may you all get whatever it is you're wishing for in 2011.