Ms. Poston, co-author of Twitter for Dummies, is a speaker and leading authority in social networking, new media, brand and business development with a concentration in food, wine, spirits, off-beat brands, music and film. She is the Founder and CEO of Uptown Uncorked social media and business development consultancy and the Founder of Social Mic. She is also the Co-Founder of Film Pop!, a digital and new media services development agency for independent film. A firm believer in translating online relationships and successes into the offline world, she has also founded Social Media Breakfast New Hampshire, PodCamp NH and the nationwide Strong Women in Tech initiative.

leslieShe’s written for a variety of tech blogs, from Mashable, Free Access, Lost in Technology and Blorge to the Russian tech blog Profy. She maintains her own blog on social media over at Uptown Uncorked, but most of the time you can just talk to her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Uptown Uncorked’s Facebook Page or Friend Feed.

She’s also an Apple junkie without an iPhone (she hates AT&T for bringing less bars to more people around the country) whose first computer was an Apple 11e and whose first stand alone gaming system was an Atari (she can still kick your ass in old school Frogger). Leslie is always ready to talk tech, Apple, whiskey, wine, hockey, music or film. She also is an amateur gourmet addicted to cooking and cooking shows, and a major foodie.

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