Oxeye Game Studio's first property, Cobalt, is being published by the company behind the absurdly successful Minecraft, Mojang. This new 2D platformer is due out in beta form by the end of this year, but will be enjoying an alpha launch in September. That release format sounds a lot like Minecraft's model, doesn't it? Can you imagine wanting Cobalt 1.8 as badly as you want Minecraft 1.8? Mojang may be onto something.

Cobalt will be playable in Seattle, Washington later this month for gamers attending PAX Prime. Fans can stop by the Cobalt booth and challenge its creators in order to win a nice prize. From Cobalt's official site:

If you manage to win a 2-on-2 Capture the Plug match versus thewreck (Daniel Brynolf) and jeb (Jens Bergensten) you will earn some fancy swag, alpha game codes and get your names in the "Honorable Mentions" section of the game's credits!

Cobalt will release with a map editor in its alpha form. It will also feature both cooperative and competitive play. Judging by the trailer above, one that I'll admit had me both excited and confused in constant waves, there's a lot that can be done in the game.

The game is being developed for the Games for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, but the Windows version will release first, according to the site. Their final note is that Cobalt is being written in Lua, a script language that should allow easy modding post release.

Whether you love or hate Minecraft (honestly, who hates Minecraft?), you can't deny that Mojang seemingly knows how to release games and earn a community's trust. If they can repeat that magic mix of quality, anticipation and fun, Cobalt may reach heights comparable to Minecraft. That would probably make Mojang and Oxeye Game Studios rich beyond belief.

[via PlayCobalt.com]