Hey, what’s up, Buffaloland? The higher powers here at the site asked if I would say hi and introduce myself. Sure, I said, kind of forgetting that writing out a self-introduction can feel a little strange, like trying to describe yourself in a Match.com profile: “Hello, my name is Adriana, and I’m the newest addition to TechnoBuffalo. I like puppies, walks in the rain and Celine Dion.” (Um, actually, that’s a big no to all of that, except for the TechnoBuffalo part. And puppies. Puppies are okay.)

But this is only a minor inconvenience, and a small price to pay for the honor of joining such a great crew. The best part is that I’m already starting to feel at home, thanks to spotting some familiar faces around here. For example, Noah Kravitz and I used to work together over at PhoneDog. The Kravv and I would often geek out over phones and CES trade show booths, as well as wines, TV dramas, and reality shows, so working with him at the Buffalo feels like old times.

Hmmm. PhoneDog and TechnoBuffalo. Seems like there’s an animal theme going on here. No wonder my mother was confused:

“I don’t understand. Dogs, buffalos… You working at the zoo? I thought you working in computer engineering.” (I don’t.)
“No, Ma. It’s consumer technology. Like phones, electronics…”
“Electricity? Ah, you working in electrical engineering… at the zoo?”
“No, it’s… I’m still writing, but you see… Like, there are tablets and TVs that are… [Sigh.] Yes, Mom. I’m an electrical engineer at the zoo now.”
“Sounds like good job. Don’t forget to wash hands.” “Yes, Mom.”

Before the Buffalo and the PhoneDog, for whom I also managed a network site called Today’s iPhone, I wrote for a lot of different publications, big and small. I’ve covered a diverse array of topics such as food, the performing arts, retail, marketing, and pop culture, among other subjects. One week, I’d interview an entrepreneurial expert about small business operations and marketing, and follow that up with a story on a fashion designer predicting Spring footwear trends. I’ve covered swing dancing for The Philadelphia Inquirer, and a few years later, I told the story of a North Korean defector for Time magazine. But as diverse as all that was, there was one common thread — no matter the work environment, I tended to be known as the tech-savvy lady among the n00bs. And this is what wound up being very important.

IT departments generally liked me — when I was around, they knew the editors and writers would come to me first with their (usually face palm–worthy) glitches. In the end, I always got the best desktop, laptop and gadget upgrades first, probably as a thank-you for cutting the IT department’s workload in half.

This is how it starts. At first, it’s a trinket, a toy. Then it’s a tool. Sometimes it’s both a toy and a tool, but it goes from there to an obsession. That’s pretty much what happened to me. I’d spend my lunch hours browsing the aisles at J&R Electronics, looking for cases for my new smartphones, and soon I was perusing audio systems, robotic vacs and other gear. I started inserting tech angles into all my articles — retail point-of-sale, multidisciplinary dance works using projection equipment, the best handhelds for entrepreneurs, etc… From here, the jump to tech journalism became a no-brainer. And so, I’ve spent the last few years doing just that, covering the mobile industry. And now, I’ll be diving right into all manner of gadgetry here at TechnoBuffalo. I couldn’t be happier.

When I’m not working, I’m usually in the kitchen, expanding my Korean cooking repertoire (to my mother’s relief — she thought I was hopeless). To get away from my desk chair and keyboard more often, I also hike, knit, lindy hop, and indulge my inner karaoke or Rock Band diva. Yes, it turns out that I’m a nerd about a great many things.

So if you see me on the webs, or if you’re among the many Tweeples of the world and spot me in the Twitterverse, drop me a line at @Adra_La, I’d love to know what you geek out about — in tech or beyond.