We braved CES, saw some truly amazing (and not so amazing) gadgets, and had an overall great time creating content we thought was worthwhile for our audience. It’s been over a week since we left Sin City, and we’re still feeling the after effects of covering such a huge event.

You saw David’s recap video, Jon Quach’s shenanigans at PepCom and read about how I got lost after only the first few hours on the show floor. But we saw soooo much more, stuff that didn’t make it onto the site. So we wanted to share, from TechnoBuffalo’s perspective, what it was like walking around, seeing the sights, in the thick of it all.

The first night of many long nights to come, surveying the PepCom crowd.

Ralph investigating a dust spec on the camera lens.

The PepCom theme had something to do with tailgating, so naturally there was a flaming hotrod with guys dressed in uniform.

The crew arriving to the Las Vegas Convention Center, ready to get things started.

Here’s a man reading something interesting.

This is more or less what it’s like walking around the show floor. All day, every day.

Pretty much every case manufacturer this year wanted to show off their waterproof skills. Or maybe this is just a fish tank decoration.

I was actually weirdly drawn to Solowheel. Not that I would ever use one as a replacement for walking.

Audi had the most gaudy booth at all of CES. It was basically an insanely lit room with a few cars just sitting there.

This is the ugly stuff you’re not supposed to see. But I looked directly at it and survived.

It’s tough going outside where the sun is after spending hours indoors.

See what I mean? There’s not much action outside anyway.

Did I mention I got lost at CES?

There are many cameras, everywhere, pointing at everything.

Some old dogs scouring the show floor. Do you think they’ve been coming since the beginning?

A cowboy-looking guy talking to an apparition selling headphones.

Maybe our second day on the show floor. Or maybe our third.

Everything at CES is a spectacle.

And really, really weird. Dancing birds.

And, of course, cooking demonstrations. Why not? Because there’s an iPad with a case and it’s protected.

A despressing booth of a depressingly oversized speaker.

Always a sea of people herding around.

This guy was at least smart enough to wear sunglasses. Maybe they’re a new type of Google Glasses.

This way, that way. I just want to sleep.

I didn’t realize how much walking would be involved. Luckily there was a shuttle service to get people from one hall to the next.

Dogs. At CES.

The lonely back alleys.

There was this humongous panorama display that pumped out 3D images. That stuff makes me nauseous.

I don’t know. Probably the creepiest thing I saw all week in Vegas, which is saying a lot.

Something was going on that I did not understand. But it involved a rock climber.

Ralph helped me shoot some of these images. Thanks, Ralph.

Over at Intel looking at mesmerizing lights.

A woman (not pictured) pestered Ralph and I to use Nikon’s cameras. We did not.

This guy was furiously playing Fruit Ninja on this huge touchscreen TV, but stopped and got all self-conscious when I approached. Aw.

Casio was presenting something that obviously wasn’t very interesting.

I don’t understand this one bit.

Another sight you’ll see all day long. He was probably about to play Angry Birds.

All wrapped up, ready to go home.

Ah, Louise. Holding down the Audi booth. The security (and personel at CES in general) were actually quite wonderful considering how obnoxious it all was.

More excruciatingly beautiful sun light. It’s so good to see you.