galaxy-tab-10.1-vs-ipadHere’s a report that perfectly supplements Best Buy’s comments from late last month: According to an internal Samsung document, over half of TV viewers thought Galaxy Tab commercials were in some way related to Apple’s iPad. There’s just no escaping the shadow of the Cupertino company’s tab.

What’s even crazier, only 16 percent of viewers realized the ads were for a Samsung product at all. In addition, “11 percent of customers are aware of and can link the Galaxy Tab back to Samsung, while 65% of consumers are aware and can link the iPad back to Apple,” the document said.

“Given Apple’s already strong position in the tablet category,” Samsung’s report stated, “it is critical that attribution of [Galaxy] Tab communications improve and that communications works to differentiate Tab from iPad.”

The two companies are currently locked in an important trial where Apple is alleging Samsung knowingly copied the Cupertino company. The evidence is certainly stacking against Samsung, though deliberation is still ongoing.

[via AppleInsider]