t-mobile-leaked-iphone-5-memoIt looks like it may be another lonely holiday season for T-Mobile. According to TmoNews, who acquired an internal training memo on Monday, the carrier is yet again instructing employees to sell against Apple’s handset. Meaning? No iPhone, maybe.

With the iPhone 5 coming out in September, T-Mobile will likely find it very difficult keeping customers who held out hope the carrier would finally get Apple’s popular handset. So what can T-Mobile do? The only response is to encourage employees to try and convince customers its wares are enough — HTC One S, Galaxy S III and, um, Galaxy Note. Wait, not the Galaxy Note.

That might be enough for some, but not for others. Of particular interest, aside from T-Mobile’s explicit instructions, is the date in which employees will begin aggressively selling against Apple’s device: Sept. 21. That doesn’t necessarily confirm the iPhone 5’s launch date, but it sure adds more fuel to the fire. Sorry, T-Mobile fans, but it looks like you’ll be dining alone this New Year’s Eve.

[via TmoNews]