Early Android 3.0 mockupMore information has come out of the Oracle vs. Google trial, this time revealing Google’s smartphone and tablet projections through 2013. The more interesting part, though, is the company’s tablet estimations.

According to a slide from 2010, Google confidently predicted that tablets running the search giant’s Android OS would sell at least 10 million units in both 2011 and 2012. The slides also reveal that — certainly with the popularity of the iPad in mind — Android tablets would account for a third of the entire tablet market, a premise based off Morgan Stanley estimates that expected tablet sales to reach 46 million units in 2012.

Though, in fact, Rubin’s forecast may not have been too far off base for 2011, as Android tablets, according to Strategy Analytics, accounted for a little over 39 percent of the market. It must be mentioned, however, that Strategy Analytic’s numbers included Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which is a heavily skinned version of Gingerbread. In addition, an recent IDC report suggested that Android tablet market share will surpass Apple’s iPad by 2015, meaning Google’s tablet aspirations may very well be met.

Also revealed in the Oracle vs. Google case were slides that show off some early UI mockups before Android 3.0 hit — a design that would be the basis for creating Android 4.0.

[via The Verge]

Google smartphone and tablet projections