The re-imagining of a popular classic is never an easy thing, but the capable hands of Civilization developer Fireaxis has XCOM Enemy Unknown firing on all cylinders. Strategy fans wanted more strategy, and that’s just what they’ll be getting. Unit placement, stat balancing, weapon upgrades and multiple choices on how to tackle each mission.

The latest trailer from 2K shows off a few of the choices you’ll be making while sending your troops into the line of fire. Of course, this is just a sample using general decisions to control the flow of each battle. The actual gameplay will allow much more control over your soldiers.

Do you use a balanced team of operatives with a wide variety of skills, or is an all out offensive more to our liking? Do you take cover and tactfully take out aliens one at a time, or do you go all out leaving units exposed to deadly enemy fire in the process? With the initial few disposed, do you clear the battlefield or take a few aliens hostage for interrogation and weapon research?

Just remember, your characters are just as vulnerable as your enemies. Once you character is down, they are down permanently, much like Nintendo’s brutal Fire Emblem games. This is down and gritty strategy gameplay where grinding units to the point of godlike power will not save you. Decisions must be made to keep your troops alive; if you don’t respect that, you stand no chance at countering the alien invasion.

XCOM Enemy Unknown will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on October 9th.

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