Intel recently released its new suite of “Easy Migration” applications that should make it much easier to move your important documents between Windows, iOS or Android to your Intel-powered Chromebook.

Intel released the apps to various app stores last Friday, and Easy Migration can now be easily installed on Windows, iOS and Android. The software supports the ability to move your Hotmail or local contacts to Google contacts, and will help you move all of your existing photos over to Google+ photos. It also can be used to sync videos, bookmarks, documents and audio files, Intel said, noting that there’s an option to manually sync the files you want, or a one-click “Quick Migration” option to move everything at once.

Easy Migration provides a quick glance at your real-time Google Drive storage space, so you’ll know if you’re running out of your allotted space, and also has an option to pause sync if you choose to continue at a later time. You’ll need to make sure your Chromebook is powered by a supported Intel processor, but the company has a new Chrome plugin, which we’ve included in the source, to help you figure that out.

Hit the source for more information and to get started now.