Every single company wants to dominate the living room—smart TVs, set top boxes and video game consoles are all example of how one might achieve that—and Intel is seemingly no different. During an AllThingsD conference today, Intel's media boss Erik Huggers confirmed the company will introduce a set-top box in 2013 with a service attached that can stream live TV and on-demand content over the Internet.

It's unclear when the device will launch, but Huggers did say that it will have a "beautiful industrial design" and come equipped with a camera that knows when you're watching TV. Freaky. The camera, Huggers said, will be implemented in a way that will allow the set-top box to recommend shows for specific people. In addition, the company wants to introduce a social viewing experience aspect through the camera.

Asked whether Intel's device would further encourage the cord-cutting trend, Huggers said no, and that the service would offer bundled content only. "It's not a value play," Huggers explained. "It's a quality play." It sounds like, as is the case with other options on the market, a la carte channels definitely won't be offered.