Intel Medfield smartphone

If you're the proud owner of an Android smartphone powered by Intel's Medfield processor, you've probably been anxiously waiting to hear whether Android 4.1 Jelly Bean — Google's latest mobile operating system — will be compatible with your device. Well, we have good news for you: Intel has successfully completed its port of Jelly Bean.

"I'm running it," said Mike Bell, Intel's vice president and general manager of the mobile computing group, during an interview at the Intel Developer Forum. And Bell's not the only one; he also revealed that multiple Intel employees are now using Medfield smartphones with Jelly Bean installed.

When users will see the update is still a bit of a mystery, however. Bell noted that Intel "can't put it on the phones."

"We have to give it to the carriers to put on the phones and they go through acceptance testing," Bell added.

Intel didn't provide a release schedule for the update, then. But it's good to know that the company has done its work with the Jelly Bean update, and that we're just waiting on carrier acceptance now.

Medfield-powered smartphones are still few and far between right now, but there are a number of devices out there from manufacturers like ZTE, Lenovo, and Megafon. Motorola, which is now owned by Google, is also expected to unveil a Medfield-powered smartphone at an event in London next week.

Despite the relatively slow takeoff, Bell is still happy with Intel's progress when it comes to smartphones. He said: "A year ago people were saying 'can Intel do a smartphone?' and now people are saying 'how long till you [grow]?' It's a much better question to deal with."

Are you pleased Jelly Bean will be coming to your Medfield-powered smartphone?

[Via: CNET]