Intel officially launched its long-promised 7th Gen Intel Core processor (aka Kaby Lake) on Tuesday. The new chip is set to power over 100 new laptops and hybrid devices this year, potentially including new Apple MacBook laptops and Microsoft Surface products.

The Kaby Lake uses the same 14nm processor as last year’s 6th Gen Intel Core, but squeezes in even more power. The company says it should offer 19 percent faster web performance, 14 percent faster productivity performance, and three times better battery life while watching 4K video. The new design will also allow for slimmer laptop designs moving forward.

Hopefully, this means Apple can finally upgrade its MacBook Pro and MacBook Air lineups now that Intel’s new chip is official. The company is expected to announce a new laptop design this fall, though it apparently won’t be at the upcoming iPhone-focused event on September 7. Microsoft could also use Kaby Lake to power a new generation of Surface products, including the rumored Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro 5.

Intel says the Kaby Lake chip will expand to desktop PCs early next year. As for the Cannonlake, which is expected to be a pretty significant upgrade using a new 10nm process, we’re still expecting it to arrive sometime in 2017.