Intel RealSense-9

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently argued that there's evidence Apple may ditch Intel for some of its Mac products in the future, in an effort to build and deploy its own processing chips into computers. Apple currently relies on Intel for its computer chips, so that would mean a huge shift in the company's business model. Speaking with CNBC recently, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said his company's relationship with Apple is still strong.

"I just hear the same rumors, here's my perspective," he said. "Our relationship with Apple is still strong and their products are great. Apple is always going to choose the supplier who can provide them with the most amount of capability and innovation for them to build on, for them to innovate. Our job is to continue to deliver parts that have that capability, that are better than our competitors, and then they want to use our parts… We have to provide the most competitive part, performance, price and reliability."

Apple may indeed be building a chip for its Macs, maybe even for the rumored 12-inch MacBook Air, but it doesn't sound like Intel is very worried – or even knows – about a major shift away from Apple using its chips.