Looking to buy a new Windows tablet, laptop, or 2-in-1 hybrid? Intel CEO Brian Krzanich thinks you should wait just a little longer. During a conference call held earlier this week the chip-maker's chief executive predicted that manufacturers will push prices down in the next few weeks as the holiday shopping season begins, ZDNET reports.

Krzanich claims that Intel's new processors will allow OEMs to drastically lower the prices across the board on Windows devices. If he's right, $99 Windows tablets sporting Haswell chips could offer a serious challenge to iOS and Android devices. He also predicts that new touchscreen laptops powered by Bay Trail processors will cost just $299, and hybrids could come down to as little as $349.

If Intel's prediction prove true, the news could have serious implications across the industry. Apple's $329 iPad Mini will be a tough sell for many next to a $99 Windows tablet, as will Google's $229 Nexus 7 or Amazon's recently announced additions to the Kindle Fire line, which start at $135. Microsoft in particular could be in trouble, with its cheaper Surface 2 model priced at $449.

We're pretty tempted to pick up some of the newer Windows 8.1 tablets, but we'll take our chances and listen to Krznich to see if prices really do indeed drop so drastically.