Because the internet is weird and doesn’t make sense, a social media stunt has gone viral, breaking a dubious record in the process.

On January 4, someone posted a photo of an egg on Instagram, with the goal of becoming the most-liked photo on the platform. Well, 10 days later, and that goal has been surpassed by a wide margin.

The image of the egg takes the crown away from Kylie Jenner, whose post from 2018 racked up an astounding 18.3 million likes. As of now, the image of the egg has surpassed 30 million likes, handily beating Jenner’s previous record.

It’s a pretty astonishing feat, considering the account that posted the picture has posted once and only has 3.4 million followers compared to Jenner’s 124 million.

In response to the world record, Jenner posted a playful video of her cracking an egg onto the ground.

In a story posted to the @world_record_egg account, the account’s owner said, “This is madness. What a time to be alive.”

What a time to be alive indeed. In an effort to capitalize on the fervor, the account announced that official merchandise is already on the way. What comes next for the account is anyone’s guess. But it’s a strange phenomenon when people on social media rally behind a lone picture of an egg.