Instagram isn’t just a place people go to share pictures of their pets. It’s also a perfect platform for inspiration, whether you’re looking for somewhere to travel or looking to decorate your apartment. Unfortunately, it’s never been easy to save posts for later reference—until now.

The social network on Wednesday introduced a new bookmark feature that makes it easy to save posts for later. Say you see a post from a restaurant you want to visit, or furniture for your new apartment. The bookmark option will let you save these posts without actually liking them, giving you your own personal feed of images.

Going forward, there will be a bookmark icon underneath posts in your feed. Just tap it and it’ll save to a private feed in your profile. “There you can see all the posts you’ve saved—and they’re only visible to you.”

Instagram goes after Pinterest

Instagram is starting to edge into Pinterest territory, seemingly seeing the value of its community as a place for inspiration. It’s not nearly as robust as Pinterest, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Instagram fine-tune its bookmarking feature over the coming months.

The service currently keeps a running list of pictures you’ve liked, but the bookmark feature is more anonymous. To that end, there’s certainly potential for it to be used in more nefarious ways; an ex-boyfriend keeping tabs on someone, for example. For what it’s worth, you’re not notified when someone bookmarks your post—I’d expect that to change at some point.

The bookmark feature should start appearing in your feed starting today.