On Tuesday Instagram announced a new update that is revamping its Direct messaging. The current Direct messaging layout separates disappearing video and photos from regular text messages, uploads or reshares into two different tabs at the top. The update will combine both into a single thread for a simplified experience.

Once in the new Direct tab, there are three ways to send disappearing messages: you can tap the icon next to the thread, the blue camera at the bottom of the Direct tab and a blue camera inside the thread. To send the message off, just select a friend or a group. A blue box will appear in the conversation signaling they have received a disappearing video or photo. Text, uploads and reshares will feature the same functionality.

The new update will be rolling out to iOS and Android users some time today.

Instagram Direct is continuing to grow

Back in November, Instagram announced that 300 million users were using its Direct messaging feature. That number has now grown to 375 million in the subsequent five months. That’s a growth of 25 percent in under a year. To put that into context, Instagram as a social platform had 600 million users in December 2016.