InstagramYour Instagram experience may soon migrate to the Web. We've seen the company bring commenting and liking to the browser, but the online offering is still a bit dry feature-wise. A new discovery by Web designer Cole Reinke, however, suggests that's all about to change.

While investigating Instagram's website, a "View Profile" option showed up under Reinke's username. Currently, users only have the option of merely editing Instagram profile settings and permissions. Being able to view a profile suggests that people might be able to see pictures they've uploaded, and possibly even the feed of users they follow.

Clicking on "View Profile" returned a 404 page, Reinke said, so the function obviously hasn't rolled out yet. However, when Reinke reached out to MG Siegler, who apparently has a close relationship with the Instagram team, Siegler acknowledged that such a feature is incoming.

Reinke's find definitely suggests it's being tested, so hopefully we'll hear (or stumble across) something more definite soon.

[via CultOfMac]