Apparently, the latest Instagram beta on Android gives users the option to post multiple photos—up to ten—in a single post. Currently, this feature is only available to advertisers.

The introduction of albums will be particularly useful for events (concerts, graduations, birthdays). Rather than spamming your feed, you can contain your images to a single post, making your fun weekend abroad easier to digest.

According to early testers, followers can like individual photos, though it’s unclear how commenting will work. Is it possible to comment on an individual photo, or are they confined to the album as a whole?

It should launch soon

Sometimes, it just makes more sense to have multiple photos in a single post, especially considering Instagram’s feed is often out of chronological order.

While the feature is available in beta for Android users, Instagram hasn’t confirmed when it’ll be available to everyone. Chances are, if it’s being tested, it won’t be long until it launches for both Android and iOS.