BlackBerry 10 is due out during the first quarter of next year, maybe as late as March, and pundits have been wary about how well RIM has been catering to developers. Are they still excited for the delayed OS? What kind of apps will we see? Well, the popular photo-sharing social network Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is allegedly headed to BlackBerry 10.

Kevin Michaluk from CrackBerry on Monday disputed a report from VentureBeat that said Instagram would not launch for BlackBerry 10. Michaeluk has a well established track record reporting on RIM, and said that his sources have confirmed that RIM's relationship with Facebook is still solid. He added that we "will see Instagram come to Blackberry 10." He said he's so confident that, if he's wrong, he's willing to buy somebody a car.

Nice guy. We're not betting against that.

P.S. – The above image was taken with Instagram by our own talented Brandon Russell.

[via CrackBerry]