Not only has it become increasingly easy to take pictures with a mobile device, but there are also a lot of terrific apps for editing said photos. VSCO Cam is a personal favorite of mine, and there are many others out there depending on what you like. Instagram has never been among the best editing platforms out there, but a new update is making it even more powerful. And—surprise surprise—the update is making its way to Android before iOS.

In addition to making adjustments to brightness, contrast and saturation, Instagram is adding two new editing tools: Fade and Color. They work exactly as you’d expect; if you’ve ever used an alternative photo editing app, you’ll feel right at home.

Fade will allow users to soften blacks and colors to give images an aged effect. Or, as I like to call it, the hipster effect. You can see an example of it in the gallery above. An otherwise ordinary images of a girl is made a little more fascinating. The color tool, meanwhile, can add a specific hue to shadows or highlights (or both). As The Verge notes, you can’t adjust the tint of the color tool like you can in other competing editing apps.

Not the biggest update by any means, but it further expands Instagram’s capabilities, and allows users to get even more creative with their images. I haven’t yet seen the update for Android, but it’s expected to hit today; the iOS version will roll out soon.