BlackBerry tried to tout the growing number of popular applications that it will add to its BlackBerry World store. There are a few now, for sure, but for some reason Instagram seems to be the one application that people always look for on iOS, Android and other mobile operating systems. Well, it doesn't look like Instagram is focusing its efforts on BlackBerry 10. At least not yet.

Speaking with AllThingsD recently, the company confirmed that there is not a current effort to build the app. "There will be no Instagram for BB10 for now," one source told the news outlet. "Frankly, I'm not sure there will ever be." Ouch.

Thankfully there's a bit of good news behind the scenes. You can install Android applications on BlackBerry 10, and the company is trying to work on a solution that will allow users to install an app using that route. Frankly, that's probably fine and good enough, but it's not "native," which means it won't run optimally.