Late last year, Instagram took the first step toward encroaching on Pinterest by allowing users to easily bookmark posts. A new update on Monday now lets users add bookmark posts to collections, essentially making Instagram the new Pinterest.

The idea here is to create collections around things like interior design, travel, food, fashion, and more, which is why a platform like Pinterest exists. But whereas Pinterest is designed to collect things from around the web, Instagram’s collections feature is very much confined to the platform.

According to Instagram, 46 percent of Instagrammers have saved at least one post since the feature launched last year, so the feature is clearly popular.

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, Instagram’s collections feature will feel mighty familiar—which is the point. The only difference is Instagram still keeps the pictures you bookmark as private. In other words, only you can see them. It’s unclear if Instagram will ever make the feature public.

You have to imagine Instagram will eventually make the feature public—or, at the very least, give users the option to make their collections public or not. It’s certainly nice to have your own private utopia of carefully curated photos. But it’s also fun to share, which is the whole point of Instagram in the first place.

Start collecting

Instagram has had competitors in its sights for the past few years, notably swiping features from Snapchat. Now, Pinterest appears to be the next target.

The saved posts feature is still awkwardly buried in profile pages (I always forget it’s there), but as it continues to grow, it’ll become an increasingly important part of the service. The new update should be available for iOS and Android beginning today.