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Just nine months ago, Instagram announced its community had grown to 300 monthly active users. Today, that number has breezed past 400 million, highlighting just how popular the photo-sharing service continues to be. And it isn't likely to stop there.

You might be surprised to learn where the service is growing most. According to Instagram, over 75 percent of the Instagram community is outside of the U.S., with over half of the most recent 100 million coming from Europe and Asia. More specifically, usage in Brazil, Japan and Indonesia has gone up considerably, which could be a reflection of the smartphone market as a whole. As affordable (and powerful) devices sweep across the world, more users are able to connect, empowering them to share and communicate with others.

More than 80 million photos are shared through the service per day—everything from images of space to backpacking trips across Europe. Of the most recent 100 million members, some notable users include David Beckham, Caitlyn Jenner and Toni Kroos, a soccer star who plays for the German national team (and Real Madrid at the club level).

Instagram hasn't just grown its community over the past nine months; the service has also grown in more subtle ways, adding better discovery and improved messaging. I still think it's the top social network there is, with one of the most pleasant communities, and it sounds like 400 million people agree.