instagram-2.5-for-iosAll you iPhone Instagramers out there: Version 2.5 has gone live. The update is mostly of the visual variety, with a new Explore button in place of where the Popular tab used to be. Here, folks can search for both users and hashtags, a menu that was previously buried below a menu. In addition, a revamped profile tab has been implemented to match the style of Android's Instagram app, and there's also been improvements to commenting and speed optimizations.

And for you Facebook users, you can share your Instagram likes to your Facebook timeline. Users who also manage brand Pages can post likes to their page from within Instagram. We gave the update a quick spin off of Wi-Fi and it did indeed seem to run faster. That of in itself is worth the update.

Instagram 2.5 change log:

  • Revamped profile tab
  • Search for users and tags in the Explore tab
  • Improvements to commenting
  • User search autocompletes based on people you follow
  • Visual improvements
  • Speed optimizations
  • Optionally share likes to Facebook (enable in your Profile > Sharing Settings > Facebook)

Update: Android users have received the same update, so check out the change log to see what's different.

[via The Verge]