What better way to inflate someone's pseudo-celebrity than to give them a free hotel stay? If you have more than 10,000 Instagram followers, a new Sydney, Australia-based hotel, which derives its name from Kodak's first box and roll camera, is offering one night free of charge. And you thought your Instagram addiction would never pay off.

The promotion is clearly a marketing ploy in order to drum up excitement for the recently opened hotel; it's campy, sure, but who can fault a place named 1888 Hotel? The hotel itself looks like a backdrop from every popular Instagram photo in your feed, complete with bricks, reclaimed wood and minimal decorations. Translation: Hipster Paradise. 1888 features a digital mural of Instagram images as soon as vacationers walk in, and even a "selfie space."

In addition to the 10k offer, the hotel also has a monthly photo contest that puts a free night's stay up for grabs; same results, different circumstances; rooms apparently start off at $140.

Have a lot of followers? If not, better start hitting up that #followfriday hashtag. At what other hotel can you get a free night's stay just for having a popular online persona? None that I know of. TechnoBuffalo, sadly, is far off the mark. Maybe next year.