Insomniac Games, the same studio responsible for Resistance and Ratchet & Clank, were once working on a pinball game for the PlayStation Network. The studio revealed by way of their Facebook timeline that 1080Pinball was a title they began development on in 2007.

The company had big plans for this downloadable title:

The title would be a downloadable game, and was intended to be the most realistic pinball simulation ever (including simulating weight of ball, gravity, and friction of table surface, as well as accurately modeling the "kick bumpers"), running in 1080p and 60fps.

The game's tables would also be based on some of the best ever made in the genre's history.

As they go on to explain in the Timeline post, Insomniac cancelled work on 1080Pinball in the middle of the same year they started.

Pinball, aside from the Pinball FX series, has sort of been a once loved/now forgotten genre in the world of gaming. If you're too young to remember, the best pinball tables often earned arcades massive turnouts and lengthy lines on a daily basis. I specifically recall several weekends at the mall when I begged my mom to hang out in the food court a little while longer so that my turn would be up with a specific machine.

Pinball was huge. Heck, there were even songs about the best, deaf, dumb and blind players.

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