Yesterday, headlines were made concerning the fate of the Resistance franchise. While the brand will likely continue to live on at the hands of Sony, Insomniac Games, creators and developers of the main console line, officially clarified that their last Resistance game would be the recently released third.

They did so both inadvertently and abruptly. Insomniac Games CEO Ted Price simply stated the following:

"We won't be making any more Resistances…"

That line blew up, and some fans were a little frustrated with the brevity.

So, Price did what a great CEO should and made a video statement in order to give fans a proper feeling of closure. That's the clip that lies above (and the one you likely watched before reading this bit of text).

Kudos to Price and Insomniac for taking time to reach out and clear the air. It's great that the studio recognizes when they've had their fill with a franchise; they know it's time to move on, and they're doing it in the right way.

Nice job.