BlackBerry couldn't have been quicker to deny rumors of a potential Samsung buyout. Samsung denied it, too, but there may be some truth to those initial reports. A new story from Canada's Financial Post claims the South Korean titan is still pushing for a deal with the struggling Waterloo phone-maker.

"I can tell you Samsung is contemplating a purchase," an anonymous insider told the Financial Post. "It's still being pursued right now. Samsung is still evaluating their options. So it's still very much an open deal." The source adds that BlackBerry hadn't even received an official offer when the news first broke. Samsung apparently planned to swoop in with an attractive price too good to refuse, though clearly that's no longer an option.

The report also points to a document prepared for Samsung by New York investment bank Evercore Partners, detailing how a takeover deal could be structured. The leaked document also suggests the South Korean firm is also considering buying a stake or part of BlackBerry, rather than scooping up the entire thing. Specifically, the company's secure BES12 servers could help Samsung break into the enterprise market.

A BlackBerry acquisition could also send a clear message to the competition, the same source says, though it seems like a pretty expensive way for Samsung to show rivals like Apple and Microsoft that it means business. At this point the deal may be off the table, but there are still whispers out there that suggest it still may very well be on Samsung's radar.