It’s been over a year since Oaxis launched its InkCase, a smartphone case with an E Ink panel in back, for the iPhone 5. The same design carried over pretty seamlessly to the iPhone 5s, but now the company is getting ready to release a new version for the iPhone 6.

We got a quick look at the latest prototype at CES, which offers all the same features while adopting Apple’s sleek new smartphone design. Of course, InkCase still adds some bulk to your smartphone, but it’s not quite as thick as the original model. It also connects by Bluetooth, so slipping the case on and off is extremely easy.

Using a set of free smartphone apps, InkCase lets you send information from your iPhone to the E Ink display in back. You can use that extra black-and white screen to show photos or read books, and the company says it’s also working with Kobo to add support for the company’s ebook format. It can even turn the back of your iPhone into a big widget that shows the time, weather, your to-do list, stock prices, and fitness tracking data.

InkCase i6 for the iPhone 6 is set to launch in May, while a case for the iPhone 6 Plus won’t arrive until the second half of 2015 at the earliest. The company adds that more news is coming early next month ahead of the scheduled release, so hopefully we’ll know more soon.