ABC and Marvel have debuted the first trailer for The Inhumans, the latest television addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios has been playing around with the Inhumans for some time now. Originally envisioned as a film like the majority of its properties, it was eventually pulled from the theatrical schedule and announced as an ABC event series. Then things changed again slightly when it was announced the first two hours would play in theaters, but on IMAX screens only.

With all the shuffling sorted, we finally have the first trailer for the new series.

If you're feeling slightly confused, we get it. The Inhumans have been part of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for some time now, but the royal family was never mentioned in those appearances. This series will focus squarely on Black Bolt, the King of the Inuhmans as well as the rest of the royal family, including his traitorous brother, Maximus.

How this set of Inhumans will integrate with the pre-existing ones on television such as Daisy/Quake is unknown at this time. Since they appear to leave their city of Attilan on the Moon and land in Hawaii, there's a chance we won't see any interaction, or even acknowledgement, of the storylines crossing over.

At least Lockjaw, the teleporting bulldog, appears to be in the correct scale.

The first two hours of The Inhumans will debut at IMAX theaters on Sept. 1, and then the series will begin on ABC on Sept. 29.