As Square Enix begins to settle back into its classic JRPG ways, what's going to happen to all of the Western franchises its reintroduced to the world over the last few years? Well, we all know about Rise of the Tomb Raider's holiday plans and murmurs of the new Deus Ex have been slowly leaking out over time. We also got a definitive edition of Sleeping Dogs and even that new Thief game last year!

By all accounts, it sounds like Square Enix is coming closer to the balance it needs between its two halves, and only Hitman has been left accounted for. The series has gone relatively quiet since Hitman Absolution launched in 2012 with only hints of a new game in the works. The seventh-generation revival didn't do as well as Square Enix had projected, but not to worry! Not all hope is lost because new information is inbound later this year.

Answering questions through the official Hitman Twitter feed, Square Enix all but confirms that a new game is in the works, and 2015 is going to be the year it reveals itself. We just need to be a little patient.

What can we expect to see from Agent 47 this time around? Hitman Absolution enjoyed some middling praise for trying to find a balance between a modern shooter and the meticulous assassination setups the series is traditionally known for. Do we think Square Enix is going to allow for a more authentic Hitman experience, or is it going to aim for that middle ground again?

My guess is that E3 is going to let us know all about it.