Sedans are some of the most vanilla cars on the road right now. The reasoning for this is simple: they are cars largely meant for families. Infiniti thankfully didn’t get the memo when designing the Q concept it’s showing off at the Detroit Auto Show, which looks more like a futuristic super car.

The Q concept is derived from the Q50 and Q70 mid-size luxury sedans Infiniti sells right now. Obviously, it looks nothing like them; instead of offering a run-of-the-mill four-door design, it pushes the boundary of what to expect of a sedan much like Tesla has with the Model S.

Looking upon the Q, the most visually striking detail your eye immediately hones in on is the front grille. It’s endlessly busy with swooping lines and curves reaching in every direction, culminating in an aggressive front fascia. Details like the LED strip headlamps, vertical corner vents and pulsing Infiniti logo round out the front.

Much like the Model X’s panoramic windshield, the Q also incorporates a similar idea with the glass reaching all the way to the rear.

Like the concepts we’ve seen fromByton and Nissan, an ultra-wide display outlines the dashboard for a futuristic flair. Another display lives beneath the dashboard showing media information. And incase that wasn’t enough, another display lives in the back between the two back seats.

Under the hood lives a variable compression VC-Turbo powertrain. Infiniti didn’t get too much into specifics about the power, omitting details like the horsepower and torque.

The Q concept is just that, a concept that won’t ever make it to the road. But what will make it is its design language with the LED strip headlights, aggressive front fascia and display-riddled interior. The Q50 and Q70 are to two best options to bring the Q concept’s outlandish ideas to life.