Intellectual property is complicated. That's what Infinite Interactive's founder and creative lead Steve Fawkner told Joystiq. The important thing, though, is that Infinite Interactive retains the rights to the Puzzle Quest series.

Early last year, developer Firemint acquired Infinite Interactive, but when Firemint merged with IronMonkeys this week, Infinite split off again, and went "back into the wilderness," Fawkner explained to Joystiq.

Without saying so definitively, Fawkner indicated II's next title will almost certainly be an entry in the Puzzle Quest series. The last new Puzzle Quest game came out just over two years ago, so the franchise has had a bit of a break. Hopefully II can bring something new to the 'Versus Gem Matching' sub-genre of puzzle games.

Fawkner added that while they intend to stick to "fantasy, puzzles, strategy, and tactics," they want to continue to innovate.

[via Joystiq]