Here is an interesting statistic. Despite the PlayStation 4 having a user base of only 6 million owners worldwide, inFamous: Second Son has out-performed The Last of Us on the pre-order front. At the time of The Last of Us‘ release, the PlayStation 3 had a massive user base of about 70 million players, and it was one of the biggest games of the year.

This can only mean that inFamous: Second Son has one monster attachment rate.

Sony confirmed the statistic, and I am left wondering why. inFamous: Second Son is obviously a huge video game for Sony because it really needs a killer next-gen exclusive to sell the unique powers of the PlayStation 4, but the hype and anticipation hasn’t been anywhere near as grand as it was for The Last of Us.

“We have high expectations for Infamous: Second Son and are excited by the level of pre-orders which are exceeding that of The Last of Us at this point in the run up to its launch,” chimed in SCE UK Product Manager Josh Walker in a statement.

“We can already see it benefitting from the goodwill and of buzz surrounding the PlayStation 4 and expect Second Son to be the biggest game in the Infamous series to date.”

I’ll give it that inFamous: Second Son is the most enticing new game of the generation yet, but the series always seemed like a back-burner of the last generation, one step behind Killzone, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet and the rest of Sony’s biggest exclusive titles. The numbers alone don’t add up, because 70 million is just way more than 6 million.

Are people just that starved for a taste of the next-gen and felt like they haven’t had it yet? Are you?

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