If you've been on the fence about inFamous: Second Son, or you simply can't wait for its release date to arrive before you see a healthy chunk of it in motion, you might want to grab a cup of coffee and take a load off. Someone put the first 20-ish minutes of the game up on Dailymotion for the world to enjoy.

Now, we're not entirely sure if the uploaders of this video received permission from Sony to post the 20 minute clip. With that said, we expect that this one could be taken down shortly, so watch it while you have a chance.

Me? I'm not really a big fan of watching the intros of games before they come out. I'd rather see this one for the first time when I actually boot it up on my PlayStation 4.

All Games Beta, where we found the clip, tossed this GIF into their post. That was enough for me.

inFamous: Second Son will release on March 21 for the PlayStation 4. Will you be snagging this title? Pre-orders for hit have been through the roof.

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