One of my favorite parts of open world games is seeing a real place recreated in a virtual world. Renaissance Italy and the other historical places of Assassin’s Creed are one thing, but what I really enjoy are the real cities, places like Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Hong Kong in Sleeping Dogs.

Infamous: Second Son developer, Sucker Punch, has done away with the look-alike cities of Empire and New Marais for their new super-powered character, instead choosing to recreate the city of Seattle in all its glory. The newest batch of nine screenshots shows off the city itself, and so far it looks like the team behind Infamous has nailed the look of the city. I can’t wait to explore the city and see what they’ve done with it.

We’ve tossed in the rest of our Second Son shots and gone ahead and made this a whole fresh entry in the Screenshot Saturday series.

Infamous: Second Son hits PlayStation 4 for retail and download purchase on March 21.

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