One of my higher priority indie games announced over the last year is now seeking funding. Tossing the contentious drama of Kickstarter aside, Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games and publisher 505 Games have turned to Indiegogo to crowd-fund its next hit, Indivisible.

I’ve been all about this game since first laying eyes on it. For one, Skullgirls is a fantastic fighting game with a great sense of style and professionalism to it. Lab Zero Games is a proven company with a genuine hit under its belt already, a major plus.

The team is using its animation and art experience to make Indivisible really look like a standout title. You can’t really go wrong with citing Valkyrie Profile and Super Metroid as your main inspirations, either. And for the music, it has acquired the grade-A talents of Hiroki Kikuta, the man behind the legendary Secret of Mana soundtrack.

Most importantly, though, Lab Zero Games has shown dedication to the project up front by already partially funding development themselves. In fact, it has enough finished to be available in playable form. The Indiegogo page has a link to a fully playable prototype demo. I’ve already thrown it on my backlog of things to check out over the weekend.

Be sure to give it a gander. We’ve had quite a few high profile failures through crowd-funding video games lately, but this is one I am certain we can trust to deliver an awesome final product.

Lab Zero Games is looking for $1.5 million and has pulled in $100,000 after a single day. 505 Games will be contributing the remaining $2 million of the total budget.