The IndieCade, or the International Festival of Independent Games, is a yearly event that gathers the best the independent gaming scene has to offer in order to award the work being done. This year's awards were dished in 13 different categories across 11 different games with both FEZ and Johann Sebastion Joust picking up two.

Certainly, you recognize a few of the titles from the list below. Of course, FEZ, the game for which we embedded a video of above, is one that we've actually covered on TechnoBuffalo before. This indie title has been making small waves since its debut several years ago. It's been delayed several times, but it seeing top price at IndieCade has us believing the project is bound for success.

Here's the full list of award recipients, along with available links to the projects, by way of Game Informer. Big ups to them.

Grand Jury Award: FEZ

LG Mobile Innovative Game Award:  Hungry Hungry UFOs

Visuals sponsored by Nvidia: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Audio: Proteus

Impact sponsored by G4: Johann Sebastian Joust

Interaction: Ordnungswissenschaft

Game Design: Deepak Fights Robots

Technology sponsored by Transgaming: Johann Sebastian Joust

Story/ World Design sponsored by BBC Worldwide: FEZ

Special Recognition: The Swapper

The Trailblazers Award: Megan Gaiser

Developers Choice Award: Way

Audience Choice Award: The Depths to Which I Sink

Independent games, thanks to places like Steam, the PSN, XBLA and the App Store, are finally getting strong platforms capable of mass distribution and play. Several years back, a Flash version of Sword & Sworcery EP may have flown completely under the radar. Now, however, that title is one of the best the iPad has to offer the gaming community at large.

Where do you stand on indie games and indie development? Is it a scene you love to follow or one you try to ignore?

[via Game Informer]